Code for Greensboro • Civicon 2015

Congratulations winners!

November 6-8, 2015 • Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering • Greensboro, NC
Flying Turtles
LOE Mapping App
Source Code
Girl Code
Triad's Serving Hands project
Source Code
DIW Greensboro
Contractor/Permit Search App
Source Code

Best Design

This Is Greensboro
Source Code

Impact Award

Code Breakers
GSO Flame
Source Code

Best Idea

Green Bag Fail
GSO Roulette
Source Code

At this year's Civicon, we were joined by over 200 people and 9 teams of talented developers, designers and technologists from our community. We drank 480 cups of coffee, consumed over 100 tacos, over 40 pizzas, & over 90 sandwiches, and wrote thousands of lines of code (at least).

But most importantly, we announced Greensboro's open data portal and its winning of the 2015 Digital Cities Award—both steps that ensure more open goverment, better opportunities, and economic growth in our City.

Thanks once again to our sponsors.

Stay tuned for next year...