Code for Greensboro Fall 2015 Hackathon • November 6-8 2015

Hackathon Competition

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Open Data Sources:

City of Greensboro Open Data Portal

Beta release of the City of Greensboro's open data portal!

Team up. Hack. Win!

First Place: $1,000
Second Place: $500
Third Place: $250

Want to participate in the hackathon competition?

Code for Greensboro Fall Hackathon 2015 Rules:


Form a team of 2 to 5 hackers. You may only join one team. If you would like to participate but do not have a team, reach out to Jason Marshall at Code for Greensboro and we will do our best to connect you with others interested in forming a team.

Coding, Design, etc:

Your team may begin hacking at 8pm Friday, November 6th at the conclusion of the kick-off event at HQ Greensboro. To ensure all teams start on a level playing ground, no code may be written before this time. All code, design, art, and other work must be created during the hackathon. The only exception to this is material that is freely available to the public. Examples of this include public domain images, creative commons music, open source libraries, etc. Brainstorming and discussing ideas with your team are allowed and encouraged before the event so you can dive right into coding when the event begins.

APIs, Services, Open Source:

You are encouraged to use 3rd party services, APIs, open source projects, libraries, and frameworks. We are working with limited time here, and there’s no reason to recreate the wheel. Data utilized in your application should be from freely available open datasets. Judges will give special consideration to applications that utilize local datasets unveiled at the conclusion of the Friday night social event and posted here at 8:00pm Friday, November 6th. Your application must be open source. We want to work with you and others after the hackathon ends to provide your great ideas to the community. To assist us with this, code must be made available on a public Github repository and a link submitted to the CIVICON15 Github page by 1:00pm on Sunday, November 8th in preparation for judging. Any commits added to your project’s codebase after the deadline will not be considered during final judging.

Team Judging:

Judging will begin at 2:00pm on Sunday, November 8th. You will have 5 minutes to do a live demo and present your application to the judges. At the end of your time the judges will have the opportunity to ask your team questions. Presentations should cover your application’s purpose, benefit and impact to our community, current functionality, and potential future improvements.

Judges will be looking for teams to demonstrate the following three criteria:

Build Something - It’s a hackathon after all! Have a working demo running to present to the judges at the end of the competition. It doesn’t need to be finely tuned and polished with all your intended features to remain in the running.

Impact Our Community - Your application idea must have a civic focus. Special consideration will be given to applicationss focused on our Greensboro community, we are here to improve our community through technology after all. Demonstrate how your application solves a problem, or helps the community in some way. Applications should fall into at least one of the Code for America focus areas listed here: Health and Human Services, Economic Development, Safety and Justice, Communication and Engagement.

Innovate - How creative is your approach to the problem you are trying to solve? Is your solution to the problem original or novel?

Code for Greensboro wants everyone to have a good time. Be excellent to each other, and hack on! Here is our official Code of Conduct. Please review it and contact us with any questions or concerns.

Hackathon Judge Panel

Jane Nickles

CIO, City of Greensboro

Chris Mathews

DBA & Open Data Engineer,
Wake County

Michelle Kennedy

Executive Director,
Interactive Resource Center

Justin Streuli

Director, North Carolina
Entrepreneurship Center

Ashley Moretz

Product + Customer

Shawn Gagné

Founder & CEO,
Urban Offsets

Joel Leonard

Community Developer